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Dear Patient,
Please review the following important items carefully. Further communication will follow based on your understanding and consent to the following important items.

- Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure we strongly advise that you communicate that you will be having surgery with your immediate family. Full communication with family members on aesthetic concepts and judgment is strongly advised.
- Cosmetic surgery may be unable to produce the exact result that you expect. It is not clone technology but more an art form. Please be aware that cosmetic surgery is not able to change your lifestyle, marriage, profession, or human relationships. Such desires cannot be achieved through cosmetic surgery alone.
Additionally, individuals who are seeking perfection such as in the symmetry of the eyes and nose are not advised to take surgery. Those who are overly emotional or unstable, are not advised to take surgery.
It is advised that those patients who are scar sensitive should not take surgery. This is due to that fact that current medical technology cannot be performed without some minimal scaring. The scar is also not only on the surface of the skin but also in the skin tissue. This is one if the factors which may result in a none perfect symmetry result. Obviously, over time all scars fade. Those patients who cannot tolerate any scaring should not undergo the elative surgery.

Please be aware of etiquette at Veriteclinic.
For instance, an appointment is always necessary. We cannot accept walk in clients. Furthermore please do not try to negotiate discounts on pricing. Please be aware that you are purchasing the Surgeon's skills artistry and technique. Such are not open to negotiation. Veriteclinic’s aim is to provide the very highest standards possible in all procedures. We are not a discount Plastic surgery clinic.
In addition, patients who gain a satisfactory result but begin to pick, and find fault with their procedures demanding further work at no cost will not be tolerated. Veriteclinic reserves the right to contact the immigration authorities and police if such Patients behavior becomes unreasonable, abusive or threatening. Finally, such individuals will be registered into the Japanese cosmetic surgery database.

Reservation restrictions, the following will not be accepted:
-Patients suffering from mental disorder.
( unless a written approval is provided by their Doctor)
-Patients under 20 years old require parental approval for any procedure.
-Patients who have unreasonable expectations of perfection will not be accepted.
-All overseas patients need to provide a valid Visa and Passport before having a consultation or any procedure.
-In order to secure your operation date please note that the following 2 conditions need to be met.

1)Payment in full is required. ( If the fee is transferred from overseas be aware that the Japanese bank will charge between JPY 4,000-6,000 processing fee. You will be required to make up any difference when you arrive at Veriteclinic.
2) Your signature will be required on both the operation agreement application form, and the cancellation agreement form.
Please note that if you sign the operation agreement, and cancellation agreement without remittance of payment should you cancel you will be legally bound to pay any cancellation payment due.
3) Please be aware that most post-surgery revisions are not free. In order for revision surgery to be performed in many cases the procedure has to completely redone. Due to safety and the healing process revisions cannot usually be performed immediately. The standard time is 4 months following the initial surgery. (Any travel or accommodation fee needs to be paid by the patient)
4)Before coming for revision surgery please bring ID proof showing that you are the patient who took the initial surgery at Veriteclinic
5)Ensure to bring the following original items before any surgery in order to avoid an extra 30 per cent charge:
-Blood test
-Chest X Ray
-CT Scan of head if necessary
-Head X Ray if necessary

Those who have any of the following:
(Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV+)
Will automatically be charged an extra 30 per cent operation fee to ensure safety of staff and other patients.

Following your initial consultation please be aware that it is not possible to take your surgery immediately. If an individual is seeking surgery within the next 7-14 days an extra 50 per cent fee will be required. This is due to the fact that surgeon’s schedule is normally fully booked1-3 months in advance. Re-arrangement of existing patients will be necessary to ensure an opening in the surgeon schedule.

Processing Steps
1)Send a current photograph, and state your past (if any ) cosmetic surgery history. Please advise of what you are unhappy with as well as explaining your expectations. If possible attach a celebrities photograph explaining what you wish to achieve in surgery.
After receiving the above our surgeons will provide you with a general menu and estimate of what you require to realize your goals.
2)When you come to Japan you will have a 10-20 minute consultation with the surgeon during which time your procedures will be discussed in detail, and final pricing provided. In addition, directly before the operation you will have a further pre-surgery design in the operation room with the surgeon , who will use a marker pen on the operation area to highlight what procedures will be carried out. The surgeon will also explain where you will be cut and where any scars may be placed. Once again your procedure menu will be described to you in detail.
3)Please note that no face is completely symmetrical. As all individuals display asymmetrical features, please do not expect total perfection. It is impossible to obtain. This is especially so for those patients who are having revision surgery whose tissue has previously been cut. Veriteclinic will do its upmost to produce a pleasing result but total perfection currently does not exist in cosmetic surgery. This is especially so in revision Rhinopasty. Also be aware that surgery to one part of the face will often highlight imperfections in other facial features. An objective and unemotional mindset is essential when evaluating procedures.

After Surgery
Following surgery it is imperative that you are patient and calm. Time will be needed before your final result can be seen. Swelling and brushing are totally natural. Even when all bruising has diminishes and signs if swelling reduced, your skin is still healing and transforming and reshaping itself to the finished result.
Patience is essential during the post operative phase. It can be an emotional time for some and others may experience post operative depression. This is totally natural and will pass in time. During the recovery phase Veriteclinic will do its upmost to assist and answer any concerns you may raise. However, some detailed requests can only be dealt with by the surgeon.
So we recommend you make a post check reservation and visit the clinic for such matters.

Post Surgery Infections
Please note after certain procedures patients may experience some levels of infection which can be due to a weak immunity system. For instance taking a long flight following surgery will put some patients at risk of getting infections. We recommend that you refrain from alcohol, smoking and excessive exercise for at least one month following surgery. If infections occur, please return to Veriteclinic for Antibiotic treatment. If oversees please visit your local hospital.

Post Surgery Check Up
Please ensure that you arrive at Veriteclinic on time for your post operative check ups. Failure to do so will cause you unnecessary delays.
Additionally, if you need extra surgery care, for instance staying overnight at the clinic an additional fee will be applied.
Stitch removal is ideally done at Veriteclinic usually 7 or 10 or 14 days after surgery. Those patients who cannot stay in Japan for such duration will have to go to a local Doctor in their home countries who can take care of this procedure at their own expense.

Personal Information
We strongly recommend that you do not share your recovery pictures with friends or family. The images may receive negative comments which could hurt you emotionally. As previously mentioned, bruising and swelling are to be expected during the healing process.
Veriteclinic will never release your image or procedure details to a third party. However, we cannot be responsible for your personal release of such information or images. If your images are released on a local website after you have shared them with family, relatives, or friends Veriteclinic cannot be held responsible. You will need to take legal action yourself over any disputes which may arise.
Please be advised we do not offer airport pickup service, overnight clinic accommodation following surgery, dinning service.

Only if you have read, understood, and accepted the above terms and conditions shall Veriteclinic be happy to proceed to the next steps, arranging your consultation and scheduling your surgery.
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