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If you want to make an appointment for surgery, please contact us

Please include your passport’s name, birth date, family address, telephone number, attach your photos of both front and
side face; Details of your concern/unsatisfied parts, past cosmetic surgery, and expected results should be addressed in
order to provide you a tailor made service. We will respond your email as soon as possible.
Please be advised that Dr.Keizo Fukuta is on duty on every Thursday through Saturday in Ginza, Tokyo; every Sunday in Nagoya and every Monday in Osaka and also we will let you know the other Duty Surgeon’s schedule in advance.
GENERAL PROCESS (Suitable for the patients who have no visa issues and are able to visit the clinic more than twice)
STEP 1 Make an Appointment for Consultation Only
Please advise us your First-choice date, Second-choice date and Third-choice date.
Upon availability, we will inform the consultation date by email.
Please send us the confirmation email 7 days before the scheduled consultation date.
In case we cannot receive your confirmation email, your reserved consultation date will have to be cancelled and needs to be rebooked again.
STEP 2 Consultation
Duty Surgeon will provide you with detailed and through consultation service based on your inquiry (normally 20-30 minutes) Please also feel free to consult our English-Spoken staff who is always willing to assist you.
STEP 3 Pre-Operation Health Check
Which can be performed either in your local hospital or in our affiliated clinic (additional charge basis)
(1) Blood Test
              UUN、CREA、SI、UIBC 、CH、TG、Na、CJ、Ka、CK、TB、GLU、Blood Type、Rho(D)
<Infectious Disease Checking Items> Syphilis TPHA Method、HBsAg、Hepatitis C、HIV
(2) Electrocardiogram(Original Diagram is necessary)
(3) X ray of Chest or Head
(4) CT Scan without contrast (i.e plain) through head region(from chin to top of the head) with very thin slice(less than 1 millimeter apart is preferred) * mostly needed for the patient who is going to have nose and/or forehand operation, which needs a 3D model built in advance.
Please be advised the above health check items are compulsory for each patient and can be different under each patient’s various operations, please consult us in detail.
Based on your health check results, your operation may be postponed or cancelled and in such a case, the health check fee will not be refunded.
STEP 4 Sign the Application Form
For details, please consult us.Cancellation/Changing Policy:
■30days before Operation Date: No charge
■29days〜15days before operation date: 30% of operation fee
■14days 〜7days before operation date: 40% of operation fee
■6days〜2 days before operation date: 50% of operation fee
■One day before operation date: 80% of operation fee
■ On the operation day: 100% of operation fee
STEP 5 Pay the Operation Fee (full amount)
Please refrain from discount negotiation
STEP 6 Fix the Operation Date
Please be reminded that our Director Surgeon’s operation dates sometimes may need at least one to three months to be booked in advance.
STEP 7 Operations
Please read the [Important Points] provided by us and maintain a positive and cheerful attitude towards your operation.
STEP 8 Post Operation Checkup
Stitch Removal Schedule and various post-operation check up are to be informed right after your operation and please always be on time.
*Minimum stay of 8-15 days are preferred for operation and post operation checkup.
EXPRESS PROCESS (Suitable for the patients who need a visa with a restricted staying period in Japan)
(1) Please email us with details.
(2) We, on behalf of duty surgeon will inform you the procedures you may need based on the full communication between each other
(3) Please arrange your health check in your local hospital and submit the results as soon as possible (by email first and bring the original copies when you come to Veriteclinic or post the health check results by mails)
(4) Please sign the application form and agree to obey the Cancellation/Changing Policy (see above details). Email the signed forms to us first and bring the original copies when you come to Veriteclinic.
(5) Remit the operation fee in full to Veriteclinic’s Bank account in Japan.
(6) Operation
(7) Post operation checkup
*Minimum stay of 8-15 days are preferred for operation and post operation checkup.
General Reminder Items before you are going to Proceed.
Please consult us for details of pre and post operation checkup.
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